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Release notes - Self-Hosted versions

4.13 [Oct. 2023]

#1 Discover the Driver & Contributor role ⛵

Drivers stand for Tech Lead, Lead Dev, or anyone organizing and leading the practice review workshops. They are expected to be core contributors in Promyze for coding practices and discussion topics. Other developers will be Contributors, meaning they're expected to submit contributions occasionally.
Each user is now either a Driver or a Contributor in Promyze. You'll be asked to choose your role on your next sign-in.

#2 Prepare practices review thanks to Git integrations🔎

You can now connect your GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps, and BitBucket platform to get an overview of recent code modifications and to identify coding practices and discussion topics for the next practices review workshop.
The review preparation module lists recent pieces of code and offers many filters to tune the scope (files, authors, date, …). You can quickly generate material for the next practice review workshop in a few minutes.
Learn how to connect your Git platform to Promyze in 1 min.

#3 Enable the scheduler of practices 📩

Each space can now configure a scheduler that will push coding practices directly to users in the space, either daily, weekly, or monthly. Promyze can automatically selects a practice to send, but Drivers can also feed the queue with specific practices. Think of this feature as an internal newsletter or reminders sent to the team. Here is an example of a notification sent on Slack:
Learn how to enable the scheduler here.

#4 Checkout the Data Board revamped 🔢

The Data Board has been redesigned to provide a more precise overview of how your teams use Promyze and what benefits you get from it.

#5 Import existing practices with the Web browser plugin ⛽

If you already have documented existing coding practices in a wiki tool (such as Confluence or Notion), you can now use the latest Promyze Web browser plugin to import them into Promyze. Read more on the docs.

#6 Export your Promyze practices in Markdown ⏬

We offer now a module to export your coding practices into a single Markdown file. Read more here.