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Multi-file examples on coding practices

Multi-file examples allow you to show a practice example that implies more than one file. You can have one multi-file example per practice. A multi-file example is an ordered list of practice examples.
You can view a practice multi-files example in the practice details modal by clicking on Multi-file Example tab.

Configure multi-file example

You can edit the multi-file example by clicking the Edit button at the bottom of the multi-file example.
In this view, you can add practice examples to the multi-files example, remove examples, change the order of examples, and edit example descriptions.

Edit example description

By clicking on the description of one example, an input will show, allowing you to edit the example description. It will be saved as soon as you click outside of the description block. The example description supports Markdown syntax.

Change example order

You can change examples order by clicking the chevron on the left of each example.
The up chevron will change the example rank by one up.
The down chevron will change the example rank by one down.