Run with Docker

The promyze-cli in Docker version is a wrapper of the Promyze CLI npm package, so you should refer to the doc to configure its execution.
Here is an example of how you can run the Docker image in Gitlab CI (assuming you've set the PROMYZE_URL and PROMYZE_API_KEY Variables in the CI/CD pipelines):
stage: promyze
name: promyze/promyze-cli:latest
entrypoint: [""]
- promyze-scanner scan .
You can also execute the CLI with the docker run command line.
Create a .env file like the one below to inject the two environment variables:
And then, run the command, assuming you want to scan the src directory.
$> docker run --env-file .env -v $(pwd):/home/promyze/src promyze/promyze-cli /bin/promyze-scanner scan src
As you can see, you'll need to use a volume with a host folder.