Configure automatic suggestions

Promyze's plugins, both for IDE and code review in Web Browsers, provide a feature of automatic suggestions of best practices.

How do suggestions work?

Based on your context (the source code displayed in your IDE or the code shown in the Web browser during a code review), Promyze suggests Best practices that look not to be applied
To compute suggestions, you have to specify a regular expression.

# Use regular expressions

Please be aware that Promyze supports the ECMAScript flavor for regular expressions

Add a regular expression

In Promyze, select the practice on which you want to add a regular expression and click on the "Configure Automatic Suggestions" menu (bottom right of the modal).
Then, click on "+Add a regex configuration":
This will open this menu, where you have two main inputs in the form:
  • an input to specify your regular expression
  • an editor to test your expression against a source code
A switch button allow you to configure this regular expression for :
  • "positive": create an expression that identifies if a best practice is followed
  • "negative": create an expression that identifies if a best practice is not followed
If you have some existing examples in your best practice documentation, you'll find them listed below the editor. Just click on one of them to fill the editor with an example, and test your regular expression against it.
Once you're satisfied with your regular expression, validate the operation by clicking on the Add button.
Keep in mind you can add multiple regular expressions for a single practice!

Specify file extensions

If you want to restrict the search of regular expressions to some specific file extensions, you can specify them on the right side of the regex edition:
Don't forget to click on the "+" button for each pattern you want to include.

Order regular expressions

If you've configured several regular expressions, both for positive and negative detection, you can define a priority order among them.
You can use the arrows on the left side to change the expression priorities. The algorithm will test each expression by order, and once one matches, it stops the execution. Thus, you won't get both positive and negative results since the first matching ends the search.

Disable categories of practices for the automatic suggestions

Users can customize the categories of practices for which they want to get suggestions in their IDE or during a code review. It's possible to exclude some categories of practices from the suggestions.
To configure this, click on Profile (your avatar) -> Administration -> Suggestions.
Then, you'll be able to input the categories of practices you want to exclude from the suggestions.
Note that these settings are personal and won't affect other users.
Here is an example if you wish to exclude suggestions from practices tagged with React. Click on Save to complete the operation.